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 Baldone Level 80 Human Mage

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PostSubject: Baldone Level 80 Human Mage   Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:59 pm

This is application template is from another guild but I spent 2 hours on making it so I thought it would be better posting it.

Character: Baldoneplz
Class: Mage
Race: Human
How many days played at lvl 80: 9 days.

Name: Baldvin
Age: 17
Nationality: Icelandic

Spell Power: 1800~
Hit Rating: 320~
Critical Chance: 29%(with frostfire spec)~
Haste Rating: 350~
I'm able to switch between weapons so my stats wary abit.

Professions ( and why you chose them ): I chose Enchanting and Engineering for PvP purposes mainly, at the time I did not PvE at all so this was a good choice for me, later on when I started raiding I was the one with the repair bots so engineering was worth keeping, also the goggles from engineering were second best helm slot at the time so I didn't reroll leatherworking for drums, Although I'm about to reroll JC for more stats.

Talents: 2/51/18 to hit cap myself, although I heard good things about arcane spec with the new AB buff so I'm not completely sure if that's the way to go.

What gear you´re aiming for and why. What is your current equipment lacking atm? Some hit rating and a second trinket.

- pls detail first-kill bosses and with what guilds -
1) What instances/bosses did you kill from Pre-TBC content? ZG, MC, BWL and AQ20 pre TBC but did the rest at level 70.

2) What instances/bosses did you kill from TBC content (especially SWP)? Pre-nerf or post-nerf? Cleared everything pre nerf exept mother shazraz and Kael, I quit playing WoW before actually killing Kil'Jaeden but best try was 15%, the day I decided to take a break from the game(had exams etc)my guild downed KJ.

3) What other classes did you raid with? None, except some alt runs with my rogue.

4)Previous guilds and reason for leaving it ( pls mention more than last 1-2 guilds you raid with and go back as much as possible ): I was in Good Game which had the 30th-40th world kill on M'uru I belive, I took a break from WoW so that's how I left them but before that it was mainly some PvP guilds and "lesser" guilds.

Can you play Sunday-Thursday from 19:00-23:30?: Yes, unless something unexpected happens, I would announce if I am not attending the raid.

Can you also play on Friday/Saturday if really special situations in progress raids? Yes, unless something unexpected would happen, I would announce I am not avaible for the progress raid.

Will you always bring pots/flasks/oils and food to raids? What do you normally use?
Normally I use food and a flask, for farm runs usualy just food and elixir buff except for a hard fight I flask up and have DPS pots ready. If you want me to name them; Flask of the Frost Wyrm/Spellpower Elixir and Haste/Mana potions and ofc spell power food.

Are you ok with respecin for raids if required? Yes

Are you willing to pass your raid spot for someone else if required? Yes

Can you use ventrilo 3.0.1 and do you have a microphone?: Yes I have both

For how long are you planning on playing this game? There is nothing on my schedule to quit this game.

What is it that you want to achive? Fun mainly, isn't that what we all want? Something more always feels better that is why I play this game, the fun of being the best or trying to be the best has always kept me intrested in the game, in my last application you pointed out my PvP orientation and leaving PvE for PvP was worrying, I would like to say that has never been the case, I have always learned to PvP alongside with the PvE, I know what comes first.

If I would joining this guild which I obviously want to, I would put PvP aside to do when I'm off raids as I have _ALWAYS_ done I just wanted to make that clear.

What contributions do you think you can bring to the guild? Time investment, dedication and a mature player that knows when to shut up.

Do you know anyone in the guild ( if yes, then who) ?: Yes I'm good friends with Torgud

Why Shadow Word Fail and how did you hear about us? Uhm I know Torgud and I saw on the Kazzak forums you were searching for an expirienced mage.

I would also like to do a quick re-view of my past PvP expirience.

In season 1 I didn't play much PvP I was in a "scrub" guild running karazhan but 3rd on the realm anyway(that was on the Xavius realm). The last 2 weeks of season 1 a friend asked me to join his 5v5 and I decided to do so not knowing much about arena, during those 2 weeks I really got into PvP and absolutely loved it, we reached 1900 rating wearing mainly blue gear beating some of the already "Gladiator" status players in the battlegroup.

Season 2 took over and my guild disbanded, I decided to start PvPing seriously and didn't do any PvE until the last few weeks of season2 where I had reached 2300 rating in 2v2 and mediocre 1900~ rating in 3v3, anyway that's when I killed Vashj and Kael'Thas and got attuned for BT.

Unfortunetly the leaders of the guild were not of my liking, they gave certain people -dkp for failing but never would you see an officer or a veteran get -dkp for doing the same mistakes over and over again so I decided to leave the guild and I was not the only one. This all took place on Xavius realm which due to the small battlegroup was dieing and the biggest guilds were migrateing away and/or disbanding.

So I decided to leave the realm aswell and focus more on my PvP career, my choice of realm was Twisting Nether where I had gotten an offer to play arena with a rogue called Stgeorge, if you are into PvP and/or watch warcraftmovies.com you might have seen a movie of his there. Anyway that's where my skill jumped alot and I improved as a player, I joined a PvE guild that was farming BT/MH through Stgeorge and Mobywan(another WCM star who I played with) and was playing alot of arena and clearing BT/MH every week.

Anyway to make a long story short we reached 2400~ in 2v2, 2450~ rating in 3v3 and 2350~ in 5v5. The guild called RavenWood was falling apart due to bad leadership where the guild master cared more about loots rather then his guild members, I left the guild and stayed on the realm until Zurion contacted me about joining his 5v5 team on Zenedar and I was basicly doing nothing on Twisting Nether since our schedeuls didn't match and I was basicly bored of standing around in IF all day so I migrated yet again to Zenedar where Zurion went inactive and our 5v5 died, but I joined Good Game and started raiding hardcore.

At that time I wasn't doing any arena exept maybe 10 games aweek for points and getting gladiator rating before the season ended, so that's basicly when I stopped PvPing hardcore and started raiding until I quit/took a break from WoW and ended up on Kazzak.

I know this was rather long but I wanted to make a superb application since I kinda shot myself in the leg with the last application, I hope you had the heart to read the whole thing thanks.

P.S. I hope I didn't sound cocky or arrogant because that's not my intention.
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Baldone Level 80 Human Mage
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