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 Yogz [ROGUE]

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PostSubject: Yogz [ROGUE]   Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:50 pm

Character: Yogz
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
How many days played at lvl 80: 6days 12hours

Name: Mathieu
Age: 17
Nationality: Swiss

Gear: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kazzak&n=Yogz

Professions ( and why you chose them ): JC/LW - Personal prefference and the ability to maximize my gear’s performance by using Unique-Equipped enchants and gems.

Talents: Well, I’m specced as 51/13/7 for Heroics/PuG’s but I’m HaT specced for raids, even tho I’m not a fan of “exploiting”, my classleader is forcing me to spec it for raid dps performance.

What gear you´re aiming for and why. What is your current equipment lacking atm? The best, I’m currently lacking pretty much everything. Being ~250hit under the poison cap, I’d say my first priority is capping it. My gear was based on craftable pvp blues (LW), I’m currently trying to farm heroics for upgrades, which I've been trying to do for quite a while now.

1) What instances/bosses did you kill from Pre-TBC content?

2) What instances/bosses did you kill from TBC content (especially SWP)? Pre-nerf or post-nerf?
KJ dead pre-nerf
3) What other classes did you raid with? Detail a bit, if Yes.
Hunter/shaman (BM/Resto), I’ve raided on a hunter called vanitya in Nihilum, and a shaman called Kayl. I’ve never received complaints (from people that actually matter) about my performance as either class, so I can only assume I’m good at it.

4)Previous guilds and reason for leaving it ( pls mention more than last 1-2 guilds you raid with and go back as much as possible ):
Nihilum – I left due to their raiding shedule not suiting me anymore (5AM raids in weekdays are a bit over the top) / Towel on Magtheridon, left them for Nihilum.

Can you play Sunday-Thursday from 19:00-23:30?:
Can you also play on Friday/Saturday if really special situations in progress raids?

Will you always bring pots/flasks/oils and food to raids? What do you normally use?
Flask of Endless Rage

Are you ok with respecin for raids if required?

Are you willing to pass your raid spot for someone else if required?
If needed.

Can you use ventrilo 3.0.1 and do you have a microphone?:

For how long are you planning on playing this game?
Until it dies

What is it that you want to achive?
Lich King deaded pre-wellfare-nerf

What contributions do you think you can bring to the guild?
I’m a team player, I’ll push my gear and class to the absolute limit in raids, 100% attendency and a

Do you know anyone in the guild ( if yes, then who) ?: [/b]

References outside of the guild:
I ended up #1 on Archimonde in Season3 and Season4 in 3vs3 and 2vs2 (3/4) on my horde character, talk to "Zevhyn" for more information, he's the guy I played with back there.

Sorry for not using the standard application template but I figured this might be more explanatory.
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Yogz [ROGUE]
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