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 Who are we?

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PostSubject: Who are we?   Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:36 am

"Shadow Word Fail" was created (2008-12-7) by a bunch of mates who have been playing World of Warcraft since day one. The guild was formerly known as "AKA Paul Daniels" (dont ask Razz ) and was reformed upon the release of the expansion.

The Core have been around for a long time, experience from high-end pre TBC and TBC raiding. Former members of kazzak's top guilds who got together and proved that raiding isn't just about yelling on ventrilo and insulting eachother. In fact, what really characterizes us is the laughter on ventrilo and the pew pew awesomeness of every member in this guild.

So far our recruitment hasn't been of the traditional "application->trial->member" kind. Most of the current members in the guild are in one way or another, good friends with eachother from way back.

Today, we are an extremely fast progressing guild roaming the streets of Dalaran, aiming higher for the 25-man raids of WotLK. Facing the 25 man content, we now require your fabulous raiding and social skills to strengthen our communtity.


Chilly & Co.
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Who are we?
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