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 Moui [70 Warlock]

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PostSubject: Moui [70 Warlock]   Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:16 am

Character name : Moui
Race: Human Female Warlock

Name: Vetle
Age: 18
Nationality: Norwegian.

This is my currently gear, I dinged 80 for some a few hours ago.. But I will be working hard to get better gear aswell.

Professions : Enchanting 375 and Tailoring 375 (Cooking 300, Fishing 300)

Talents: Im currently Demonology / Destruction PVE build.

Previous raiding experience (including preTBC ) - pls detail first-kill bosses and with what guilds: Ive had alot of experience in the time ive played wow, Started to play wow at the release date and played till today, Currently instances is Onyxia, MC, ZG, BWL, AQ40-20, Naxxramas pretbc, ZA, Gruul, Maggy, Karazhan, SSC, BT, TK, Naxxramas WOTLK(heroic and normal), The Obsidian Sanctum (heroic and normal) And ive been playing at Vashj in a guild called "The Defiance", then I moved to Kazzak, and been in many different guilds.

When Im raiding I always read on different tactic sides and I read about the bosses before I raid, I also bring pots, and stuff thats needed.

I can you use ventrilo and I got a mic.

I'm a friendly person, I am glad to help others, share ideas, share knowledge, I also like to help people and I would love to help you guys through the instances you need help in, and also be a great guild member. In real, I go to school, I play football, partying, hanging with friends and enjoying life :p

Thanks for your time,
Best Regards Moui,
Kazzak 80 Warlock.
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Moui [70 Warlock]
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