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 [Elemental] Shaman 80 Mondang

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PostSubject: [Elemental] Shaman 80 Mondang   Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:27 pm

Main toon nick: Mondang

Server: Kazzak

Class and spec: Elemental Shaman.

Armory Link: Link Here!

[Stats: 2074 Spell bonus unbuffed, and 2370 self buffed (totem)]
IRL Name: Daniel.

Age: 25.

Sex: Male in real life, and female in game.

Nationality: Portuguese.

Type of connection and speed: 30 Mbit (cable)

Harware specs:
QuadCore Phenom x4 X9850
Asus AV32MP2 Deluxe
XFX 9800GT 512mb GDDR3
2x2Gb OCZ DDR2
Philips 200VW 20.1''
A4Tech X7 Mouse

Ventrilo is a must but are you able to talk and communicate in english? Yes i am, speaking and typing.

Why do you want to join us? Elemental Shamman open spot.

What do you expect from us? An mature, social and raiding guild, and will be honest, an raiding
spot as much as possible, im very active and i stress if i dont play a good raid Sad

What can we expect from you? An well experienced player, Pre TBC, TBC and Lich King, This is my rerolled
char, i droped horde few months ago, after playing almost any class in game, going it all of them
further into all tier content, t3 old naxx, t6 incluiding Sunwell content. Im doing an average of 3/4k Dps and
some times 5k in certain fight bosses. An mature player, that know how to play, how to stand, how to
behave, and i will expect the same from others.

Are you familiar with anyone in the guild? Only spoke it an alt of a CL. Dont think it will be relevant.

Current, pre WotLK and pre TBC raiding experience: Everything, from 60 to 80 all content cleared
it almost all classes, the only i didint played was it warrior, dont ask me why but meh ^^.

How often you are able to raid: All Days from 19h game time, till raid ends.(this will incluid ANL, all night long)

How do you prepare yourself for a raid? Well Currently, i dont see the needing for flasking etc
all the content i been facing are prety easy, and any blue 80 item geared person can do mostly
all raid contents if they have the skill for it. But ofc i do the normal routine, that incluides repairs/reagents/flasks if needed or
elixirs and pots.

Is there is anything else that you would like to add? I think i alredy pointed my aim in the last questions.


Thanks a lot for reading my app, i hope everyone can enjoy it as much i did writing it.
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PostSubject: Re: [Elemental] Shaman 80 Mondang   Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:43 am

Application accepted.

Contact me in-game.

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[Elemental] Shaman 80 Mondang
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